Special Education

Welcome to Our Special Education Services

Administrator: Ryan Marsh rmarsh@sau45.org

Admin. Assistant: Laurie Caldwell lcaldwell@sau45.org
Phone:  603-476-5969 

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District-Wide SPED Staff
Ryan Marsh, Administrator, rmarsh@sau45.org
Katrina Popeo, Speech/L Pathologist, kpopeo@sau45.org
Pat Greenfield, ESOL Consultant
Bonnie Johnson, E.L.L. (.4), bjohnson@sau45.org
Heather Nelson, School Psychologist, hnelson@sau45.org
Andy Egan, O.T. (Boothby Services)
Mary Smith, C.O.T.A. (Boothby Services)
Steve Walton, P.T.
Katie Auger,  Autism Coordinator (William White Services)
Melissa Ballantine,  Speech Pathologist (Boothby Services)
Lisa Blanchard, Behavioral Specialist (William White Services)

Jeanne Rudzinski, Sped Teacher (9-12), jrudzinski@sau45.org
Judy Kimball, Sped Teacher (9-12), jkimball@sau45.org
Shawn Haskins, Sped Teacher (DD 7-12), shaskins@sau45.org
Elaine Fabian, Life Skills, efabian@sau45.org

Central School
Cherly Panakio, Sped Teacher (K-2), kpanakio@sau45.org
Lynne Lowrey, Sped Teacher (3-4), llowery@sau45.org
Miranda Ruel, Sped Teacher (Preschool), mruel@sau45.org
 Abigail Antone, Sped Teacher (5-6), aantone@sau45.org

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