Section J - STUDENTS

Section J contains policies on students -- admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.
 JBAA P Sexual Harassment -Students
 JBAA-R1 APPENDIXBullying Reporting Form
  JBAA-R2APPENDIX Student Safety Incident Report
  JBAA-R3 APPENDIX School Board Notification of Bullying Incident
 JCA P Change of School or Assignment Policy
 JEA O Compulsory Attendance Ages
 JEB R Age of Entrance
 JEC P Manifest Educational Hardship
 JECAA O Admission of Post-Secondary Students
 JF O Grade Placement for Home Education and Non-Public School Students Enrolling in Moultonborough Schools
 JFA R Residency
 JFAA RAdmission of Resident Students 
 JFAB P Admission  & Tuition of Nonresident Students
 JFABB O Foreign Exchange Students
 JFABD O Admission of Homeless Students
  JFABD-R1APPENDIX Homeless Education Dispute Resolution Process-1
  JFABD-R2 APPENDIX Homeless Education Dispute Resolution Process-2
  JFABD-R3 APPENDIX Homeless Education Dispute Resolution Process-3
 JFACO Tuition Waiver Policy
 JFAD O Participation in School Activities by Part-time Resident Students
 JG P Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels
 JH P Student Absences and Truancy
 JHB R Truancy
 JHBB R Attendance Monitoring/Accounting
 JHC R Student Release Precautions
 JI P Student Rights and Responsibilities
 JIA R Student Due Process Rights
 JIB O Student Involvement on Decision-Making
 JIBA O Student Government
 JIC  Student Conduct
 JICA R Student Dress Code
 JICC R Student Conduct on School Buses (Also EEA & EEAEC)
 JICD P Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process (also IHBA)
 JICD-R1 APPENDIX Memorandum of Understanding
 JICD-R2 APPENDIX Standards and Procedures
 JICDD R Student Discipline Out-of-School Actions
 JICE R Student Publications
 JICE-R,JICEA-RKDC-R APPENDIX Student Publications/Productions/Website Publications Administrative Procedures
 JICEA O Student Productions
 JICF R Gang Activity
 JICFA P Hazing
 JICG P Tobacco Products Ban  (Also ADC, GBED)
 JICH R Student Alcohol/Drug Abuse
 JICI P Dangerous Weapons on School Property
 JICI-R APPENDIX Administrative Procedures with JICI
 JICJ R Communication Devices
 JICK P Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Policy-Bullying
 JICL P School District Internet Access for Students (Same as GBEF/See also EHAA)
 JICL-R APPENDIX Responsible Use Policy - Students
 JID O Students of Legal Age
 JIE R Pregnant Students  (Also IHBCA)
 JIH R Student Searches and Their Property
 JIHC R Use of Metal Detectors
 JIHD O Student Interviews and Interrogations
 JII O Student Complaints and Grievances
 JJA O Student Activities/Organizations
 JJA-R R Student Activities/Organizations Request
 JJE O Student Fund-Raising Activities
 JJF R Student Activities Fund Management
 JJG O Contests for Students -- Non-School Sponsored
 JJIB O Interscholastic/Intramural Athletics
 JJIB-R APPENDIX Athletic Cut Policy
 JJIC O Sixth Grade Athletic Policy
 JKA OCorporal Punishment
 JKAA P Use of Restraints
 JKB R Detention of Students
 JLA O Student Insurance Program
 JLC P School Health Services
 JLCA R Physical Examinations of Students
 JLCA-R APPENDIX Family Physician's Report of Physical Examination
 JLCB R Immunization of Students
 JLCC R Communicable Diseases
 JLCCA R Students with HIV/AIDS (Also GBGAA & IHAMA)
 JLCD P Administering Medication to Students
 JLCD-R APPENDIX Administering Medication to Students
 JLCE P First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
 JLCE-R APPENDIXEmergency Information Form
 JLCF P Wellness Policy
 JLCF-R APPENDIX Wellness Policy Appendix
 JLCG R Exclusion of Students from School for Illness
 JLCG-R APPENDIX Exclusion of Students from School for Illness
 JLCH O Do Not Resuscitate Orders
 JLCI O Naolxone Policy
 JLD P School Guidance Programs and Services
 JLDA  Student Counseling & Related Service Providers Protocol
 JLDBA P Behavior Management and Intervention
 JLF P Reporting Child Abuse
 JLI P See Policy EB: Safety Program
 JLIA R Supervision of Students
 JLIE R Student Automobile Use and Parking
 JM O Student Awards, Honors, and Scholarships
 JQ O Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
 JRA R Student Records (FERPA)
 JRA-R APPENDIX Student Records and Access
 JRB R Student Representative - School Board