Section C contains policies on school management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration -- including the administrative aspect of special programs and system wide reforms such as school- or site-based management. It also houses personnel policies on the superintendent, senior administrators -- (management team), and school principals. All phases of policy implementation -- procedures or regulations -- are properly referenced and found in the appendix.

 R Administration Goals 
 CB RSchool Superintendent
 CB-R APPENDIX Duties of the Superintendent
 CBI R Evaluation of the Superintendent
 CBI-RAPPENDIX Evaluation of the Superintendent
CCBR Line and Staff Relations
 CF O School Building Administration
 CFAR Individual School Administrative Personnel
 CFA-RAPPENDIX Duties of the Principal
 CFB R Building Principal(s) Evaluation
 CHB R Board Review of Regulations (Also BGD)
 CHCA R Approval of Handbooks
 CHD R Administration in Policy Absence (Also BFE)


O = Optional. These policies should be reviewed to determine whether they meet a particular local need.  Most are informational in nature.
P = Priority. The subject matter of these policies is required by state and/or federal law.
R = Recommended. While these policies are not required by law, they are highly recommended for effective and efficient school board operatio