District Updates on COVID-19

November 24: Update on In-Person Instruction at Moultonborough Schools


The Moultonborough School Board met Monday Nov 23 and unanimously recommended the return to in-person instruction on Monday November 30th.  This decision applies to students that were in-person prior to November 12th.  Remote students in the remote division will remain remote. While there are a number of positive cases of COVID-19 in the Moultonborough community, including members of the school community, there is no evidence of transmission of the virus in schools.  This lack of transmission is attributed to staff and students following protocols of screening for symptoms before coming to school, mask wearing, social distancing and frequent hand hygiene.  

The number of known cases, as of Tuesday morning November 24, 2020, associated with Moultonborough schools, are as follows:
covid table

There is no evidence of transmission of the virus at school at this time.

If the situation should change due to a significant increase in community transmission, school transmission, or lack of staffing in schools due to quarantine, there may be the need to return to remote instruction.  We are doing our best to operate schools for in-person learning.  We require that parents and guardians assist us in this effort by screening their children daily for symptoms before sending them to school and keeping them home if they have symptoms. Thank you for your attention to this important detail. We are all in this together!


Patrick Andrew, Superintendent

November 24: Message from MSD School Board

To the Moultonborough School District Community,

Last evening[November 23] your School Board held a special meeting to discuss the return to in person learning versus continuing remote learning after the Thanksgiving Break. We heard thoughtful opinions from our administrators, teaching staff, nursing staff, as well as reviewing guidance and recommendations from the Children’s Hospital of Dartmouth & NH Public Health Dept. We heard from parents who urged us to return and some who cautioned against it. We heard that some of our staff wanted to return to school next week and that others had reservations or concerns about returning. Superintendent Andrew asked us to consider a two-week extension of remote learning based on the overall discussion of his staff last evening. Ultimately, after almost two hours of discussion we voted unanimously to return to in person learning next Monday, November 30th. This is not a decision that came easily, and it carries with it some responsibilities for all of us to consider if it is to be a successful path.

First and foremost, our students must continue their phenomenal efforts thus far in following the guidelines for wearing masks, social distancing and handwashing – by all reports you have been almost universally outstanding in helping to keep your teachers, fellow students and district staff safe. The science says that no single one of these actions is a magic sword to defeat this virus, but it DOES say that each one of these actions is another piece in a shield that can significantly deflect its potency! You must keep up this good effort for us to continue with in person learning!

For our parents, your children have been awesome this fall and the credit for that goes to you! Only with your cooperation in what your students need to do will we be able to continue with in person learning! Please help us by doing those health screenings and posting them as well as keeping your child home if they are showing signs of being sick. We know that is a tough one but if we can be over cautious on an individual basis then that will help keep us in school longer! Also, as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday please be mindful of your actions and how those may impact the entire school community when we return next week! Those actions will help protect the very teachers and staff we need healthy and in school in order to educate our students!

To Superintendent Andrew, our administrators, teachers and ALL Moultonborough District Staff – it’s been said that “You cannot judge a crew by their performance in calm waters, you judge a crew by their performance in a storm”. We are certainly in the midst of a “storm” and we don’t know how severe it will be or how long it will last. If we have learned anything in the past few months though, we have the right crew! We are all be proud of how well you have performed and pulled together to do what is best for our students. As is often the case with great crews, we are asking you to continue the hard work you have been doing because we know you are up to the task! Do not underestimate the impact your sacrifice and courage will have on a generation of our students. No one knows better than you the importance of personal interaction with our students to ensure their future success!

In this time of Thanksgiving let us be thankful for each other and have patience with each other. Let us be quick to help those who need it and let those of us who need a helping hand be willing to ask. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jonathan W. Tolman Chair
On behalf of the Moultonborough School Board

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