Blizzard Bags


A Blizzard Bag day is "snow day" or school cancellation during which students will work at home on assignments planned by their teachers.

Why Blizzard Bag days?
A school cancellation day disrupts the learning process and the time missed must be made up at the end of the school year.  A Blizzard Bag day keeps the continuity of learning intact and, with at least an 80% attendance rate, counts as a school day.

My child has special needs. How will he/she work on assignments?

Special education teachers will work with classroom teachers to modify assignments as appropriate. The special education teacher and classroom teacher will also be available to your child via email or Schoology (Our Learning Management System).

How long should my child be working on Blizzard Bags?

Teachers design their blizzard bag work for a half day of school or approximately 4 hours. Should my child be  working on school work for the exact number of hours he/she is in school? No. Five to six hours of constant school work without lunch breaks, recess, moving between classes etc., would be difficult for any child. When at school students have many opportunities for learning together and for social interactions. However, with regard to the time frame, it is likely to be a more focused, useful and productive day for students if the time on task is around 4 hours.

Does four hours meet the State requirement?

Yes, the hours of instruction required by the Department of Education are met through this program. The district has been given approval by the Department of Education. We are required by the New Hampshire Department of Education to meet an 80 percent attendance or participation rate. You can find out more about the NH DOE Blizzard Bag requirements here

How will I know if it is a Blizzard Bag day?

You will receive a notification message from our superintendent stating that school is cancelled and that the day has been designated as a Blizzard Bag day.

Will all of our snow days be Blizzard Bag days?

No. Only days designated as Blizzard Bag day. The first school cancellation will be a snow day not a Blizzard Bag day. There may be up to five Blizzard Bag days. A number of factors are considered when determining that a school cancellation is a Blizzard Bag day.

When are the assignments due?

The assignments are due the next time the class meets. For our elementary and middle level students, the assignments are general due the day we return to school after a Blizzard Bag day.  For our high school students, the assignments are due the next time the class meets, which maybe the next day we return to school or the school day after that.

What if my child is sick and does not do the assignment?

A child who is excused due to illness will have the same amount of time to make up the work as with any absence.

When are teachers available?

Teachers will be available from 8:30 to 12 pm. Teachers are available for students via Schoology (Our Learning Management System) in our grades 4-12 and all teachers are available via email.

If my child does not do the work will they be marked absent?

Yes. Attendance is based on participation by completing the assignment. However, if there is an extenuating circumstance, our policy on absences will be followed and students will be given additional time to complete the assignments.  Late Blizzard Bag assignments may count towards the student's attendance, but missing or late assignments may affect a student's preparedness for the class following a Blizzard Bag day, as well has the student's grade (as is the case with any assignment).

How does my child know what to do?

Teachers will review their blizzard bag expectations with students.

Do I need to help my child?

Your child should be able to complete most activities independently, though they may want to email, or go online with their teachers. Teachers will be available during the day to: clarify directions, answer questions, make suggestions for additional resources, and to explain concepts.

How many years has Moultonborough School District been using Blizzard Bags?

We have been approved by the NH DOE for Blizzard Bag Days since the 2014-15 school year.
You can find our original Blizzard Bag Plan here:


Grades K through 3 will take home physical blizzard bags. All five blizzard bags will be sent home in November. Some assignments have optional online components. There will be two specials assignments in each bag. Links to an electronic copy of the blizzard bags will be made available here for parents to access.   2019-2020 K-3 Blizzard Bags 

Grades 4 through 12 
will use our online classroom application called Schoology (Our Learning Management System). Students and Teachers in grades 4 through 12 use Schoology on a regular daily basis for homework and assignments.  Students will log in to their courses in Schoology, find their blizzard bag folder in each class and follow their teacher's directions. Students in these grades all have school iPads that they use everyday and will use these iPads for their Blizzard Bags as well.

Notes on Specials for students Grades 4-6: 
Students in Grades 4-6 will have a Blizzard Bag assignment for 1 special each Blizzard Bag Day, following this schedule:

 Blizzard Bag Day #  Grade 4  Grade 5 Grade 6 
  One  Music  PE  Art
 Two  PE  Music  World Language
 Three  Art  STEM  PE
 Four  Spanish  Art  Music
 Five  Spanish  Spanish  STEM

For students in Grades 9-12, they will only have Blizzard Bag assignments for the classes that they would have had if we went to school. Only "Red Day" classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and only "Black Day" classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Logging in from home with a school iPad
Please see these directions if your student is having trouble getting online at home.
iPads: Directions for use from Home
Your students should also have this documentation saved on their iPad as well.




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