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Requests for Proposal

E-rate 2021_2022 Request for Proposals Category 1 Internet Access Form 470.pdf

E-rate 2021_2022 Request for Proposals Cat 2 Access Points and Licensing of Access Points Form 470.pdf

E-rate 2021_2022 Request for Proposals Cat 2 Data Cabling Form 470.pdf

2021_2022 Request for Proposals VOIP Phone Service.pdf

Questions we received about this proposal and our answers
Q: Are you only looking at a leasing option, or would you also entertain and response that included owning your equipment?
A: We are willing to look at responses that include owning our equipment, though we are strongly inclined at this point to lease based on predicted costs and evolution in technology.

Q: You note the following: Hunt group capabilities for three offices - I just want to confirm whether or not this quote is for just the Moultonborough Central School building or if it is to include any additional sites. If there are additional sites, could you please indicate which sites are also being included in addition to the Central School?
A: The hunt capabilities are for three offices: One at Moultonborough Central School Main Office (916 Whittier Highway), one at Moultonborough Academy Main Office (25 Blake Road, and one at the SAU Main office (25 Blake Road), which is part of the Moultonborough Academy building.

Q: Will there be a scheduled walk through to be able to see the location and infrastructure?  If not, can we request a walk through?
A: Yes, we are happy to offer a walkthrough. We are available between 1 and 3 on Tuesday 1/19/2021 or 9 to 12 on Wednesday 1/20/2021. Other times can be scheduled if needed.

Q: POTS Lines: 5, used for alarms and fax machines:  These would-be off system.  Would bidder be responsible for finding a carrier?
A: Yes. At the moment these POTS lines are included in our current VOIP contract.

Q: Up to 29 leased standard phones and up to 82 leased basic phones. Phones would be free with a particular service solution. Is this acceptable?
A: Yes, that is acceptable. We would rather not purchase equipment in this fast changing environment.

Q: Virtual Voicemail for up to 120 users, to be sent directly to email:  Does this include the 111 seats above or is this in addition to?
A: Yes, it includes the seats above. We are looking at deploying a telephone in each office/classroom/common areas. Some staff share space, so they use one phone, but will each need a voicemail.

Q: Up to 20 Mbps Internet Service for Ethernet access to VOIP Service:  Would we be responsible for bringing in the circuit or will you be allocating bandwidth from an existing circuit?
A: Bidder will be supplying the 20 mb circuit.

Q: Hunt group capabilities for three offices:  Will this be basic hunt group or ACD?
A: We are looking for basic hunt group capabilities at all three main offices, where the calls would be sent in sequence to designed agents with no queue.

Q: Managed router:  Are we to supply the router or will this be integrated with your current network and router? Is voice to be on its own LAN?
A: Bidder will be providing managed router and PoE phone switches, as well as 1 GB transceivers between switches. We have existing fiber between the closets, and the current system has five POE switches.

Q: The District’s current VoIP contract ends on June 30, 2021. Current phone system includes 29 Polycom VVX 410, 82 Polycom VVX 310 (both models leased) and 194 phone numbers:  Do you need to port all of these numbers?
A: Yes, we need to port all of our current numbers for business consistency.

There are no further requests for proposal at this time.

Inquiries/Questions to Business Manager Amanda Bergquist or (603) 476-5247


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